Register in person at Packet Pick Up

You CAN get Race Packets for your friends. Thank You!

Drive Through Packet Pick Up

The 2021 Packet Pick Up will include your opportunity to Give. Packet pick up/donation drop off will allow you to safely get your famous Drum Run shirt & race bib and at the same time offer a critically-needed item (Shampoo & Deodorant). Also, arriving to Stone Mountain on MLK day having already received your race number and T Shirt will reduce crowding, lines and make social distancing much easier. When you show up on MLK day at Stone Mountain, you will be able to stay spread out and start The Drum Run at a time you are comfortable starting.

Sunday, Jan. 17th Noon to 6 pm –

Lower Parking Lot
Second Ponce Baptist Church
129 W Bolling Rd, Atlanta Ga 30305

Pick up your Drum Run Long Sleeve Shirt & Race Bib
Please bring: Shampoo & Deodorant


Arrive at Stone Mountain Park and enter for FREE! Say to the gate employees “Drum Run!”
Once you have parked at The Crossroads Parking Lot, take the tunnel to Hugh Howell Rd. The Fireside Pavilion is a short walk down on the right. We will be able to remain socially distanced in the field next to the Fireside Pavilion until your group is called into the Starting Line Area (approximately 50 people at a time.)
Please have an idea of about how many minutes per mile it will take you to complete 3 miles. We are going to ask participants to Start with folks walking/running their same speed. This will reduce passing.
15 minutes – 5 minutes/mile
18 minutes – 6 minutes/mile
21 minutes – 7 minutes/mile
24 minutes – 8 minutes/mile
27 minutes – 9 minutes/mile
30 minutes – 10 minutes/mile
33 minutes – 11 minutes/mile
36 minutes – 12 minutes/mile
39 minutes – 13 minutes/mile
42 minutes – 14 minutes/mile
45 minutes – 15 minutes/mile
48 minutes – 16 minutes/mile
51 minutes – 17 minutes/mile
54 minutes – 18 minutes/mile
57 minutes – 19 minutes/mile
60 minutes – 20 minutes/mile
63 minutes – 21 minutes/mile